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Who should be certified?

Any adviser/consultant that spends the majority of their time advising growers on agronomic practices and can meet the standards of the program.


Why become certified?

Certification is the standard by which professionals are judged. Farmers and employers prefer to work with Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) because CCAs have demonstrated they have the commitment, education, expertise, and experience to make a difference.


Being certified adds credibility and shows that you are serious about what you do. When you become certified, you join more than 13,000 of your peers in the largest, most recognized agriculturally oriented certification program in North America. This program’s professional standards are widely respected by industry, academia, and government and are referenced in statutes.


How to become certified?

Follow these steps to become certified: (visit the CCA About the Program website for more information)

Maintain your certification

  • Earn 40 hours of continuing education (CEUs) every two years

  • Pay an annual maintenance fee.


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