Northeast Region Certified Crop Advisers

A Program of the American Society of Agronomy. Serving our nation's farmers to provide information and expertise on crop production, crop protection, and natural resource management. www.northeastregioncca.com 

Policy & Procedures

The Northeast Region Certified Crop Adviser Program is part of the International Certified Crop Adviser Program owned by the American Society of Agronomy and administrated in the Northeast by the New York State Agribusiness Association.

The program is run using the guidelines dictated in the Policy & Procedures Manual.

This manual, access to your NRCCA account, Crops & Soils Magazine and much more can be accessed at https://www.certifiedcropadviser.org/ 

How to apply for and report CEU Credits for Virtual Meetings

Click below to see a PowerPoint presentation on how to claim CCA CEU for a Board Approved Self Study virtual meeting.

Step 1- Apply for credits for your virtual meeting. Go to https://www.certifiedcropadviser.org/ 

Step 2-  Click on Education and CEUs. Slide down and click on Offer CEUs

Step 3- Click on CEU Application Form

Step 4- Click start new application

Step 5- If it is a live event, choose live meeting. If it is a online education series, choose self-study. If it is a live event which will also later be offered for viewing, choose both.

Step 6- Complete the application process. 

* Be aware if it is a live event that will also later be offered for viewing and you click both, there will be two unique QR codes for a single session. One for the live event. One for the education online. The education online code will be valid for three years. 

Step 7- Once approved, download the QR codes to add to your live digital or educational event. 

Step 8- Use the PowerPoint below as a template to add to the end of your event. Add your unique QR code to this template. Your attendees can then click the code with their phones to claim their CEUs upon completion of your event. 



This PowerPoint may be downloaded for your use at meetings.

Created by Joseph Lawrence of Pro-Dairy, and Greg Albrecht of NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee.

Northeast Agribusiness & Certified Crop Adviser Conference  *  Dec. 1 - 3, 2020  * Online

Featuring the Cornell Field Crop Dealer Meeting.

24 CCA CEU Credits. NYS DEC Applicator Credits Pending!

Registration Now Open!

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